A Companion to the Australian Media



'An impressive collection of knowledge [in which] tenacious myths are pricked ... The book illuminates technological topics which I thought I would never understand. It is not just for the media. Every public library and senior school library should possess a copy.' — Geoffrey Blainey, Australian Book Review


'... a reference book that is thorough and authoritative, while being versatile enough to remain fascinating for casual browsers ... the Companion is a wealthy source of information and a testament to the quality of the many talented authors who have contributed to it.' — Niels Kraaier, Australian Journalism Review


'A handsome volume, the product of a savvy and tenacious woman ... a massive undertaking ... there's wonderful serendipity in the printed form' — Mark Day, The Australian


'This is such an interesting book. In some ways that is simply a credit to its editor, the illustrious media historian Bridget Griffen-Foley, and her co-authors … Between them, they represent the best of more than one generation of critics, scholars, observers and practitioners of the Australian media.

Without such nation-building intellectual edifices in Anglophone media and scholarship alike, Australia is apt to disappear, as it does in most international collections …' — John Hartley, Media International Australia

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'This book not only puts Australia firmly in the global media spotlight it also greatly enhances the world of media history by filling this gaping Southern hemisphere gap …

Throughout the volume and across a variety of themes, the smoothness of prose and continuity of style speaks eloquently of the assiduous attention to detail of the invisible editorial hand. I may still be an outsider to Australian media but as in the intention of this book I am now much better informed than I was before and I can turn to it again and again as I seek to renew my cross-references between Western European, North American and Australian media histories; both voyage of discovery and essential reference point. It should really be in every media library.' — Martin Conboy, Media History

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