Forthcoming Titles

Here are a selection of soon to be released titles from Australian Scholarly Publishing and Arcadia.

Elfriede Jelinek Goes Australia: Indigenising an Austrian Nobel Prize Winner
André Bastian
'Elfriede Jelinek Goes Australia: Indigenising an Austrian Nobel Prize Winner' is the first volume entirely published on Jelineks work in Australia and gathers a series of analyses around 'Princess Dramas' at Red Stitch Actors Theatrethe first-ever production of one of her plays on an Australian stage, in Melbourne, 2011.
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The Merchant of Sydney
Alex Pugh, Chis Maxwell
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Australia's New Wave of Italian Migration: Paradise or Illusion?
Bruno Mascitelli, Riccardo Armillei
Much has been said about Italian migration to Australia of the 1950s and 1960s but little is known or understood of the new, young, skilled and educated Italian migrants of the current period.
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South Sea Argonaut: James Colnett and the Enlargement of the Pacific 1772–1803
Allen Mawer
As an adventurous teenager, James Colnett had sailed with Cook in the Resolution. He later became a pioneer in the Pacific sea otter trade, nearly starting a war with Spain in the process. In his own words, he was a latter-day Argonaut
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