Forthcoming Titles

Here are a selection of soon to be released titles from Australian Scholarly Publishing and Arcadia.

Escape from the Sun: Surviving the Tyrannies of Lenin, Hitler and Stalin
Eugene Schlusser
This is a powerful account of a son retrieving his past to safeguard the future.
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Keating and His Party Room
Jim Snow
Keating and His Party Room is the first comprehensive account of a full term of the proceedings of the Labor Party Roomthe Caucuswhere the Partys actions and performance in the Parliament are closely scrutinised and debated.
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Squatting: Romance & Reality
James Ferguson
Squatting: Romance and Reality covers the political dilemma faced by government in regulating a movement that undermined the primary purpose of the colony as a penal settlement and led to conflict with the native people.
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Driftwood: Escape and survival through art
Eva de Jong-Duldig
Spanning three continents and three generations, it poignantly captures both the loss that families encounter when they are dislocated by war and the challenges they face when adapting to a new way of life.
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