Forthcoming Titles

Here are a selection of soon to be released titles from Australian Scholarly Publishing and Arcadia.

Flanders in Australia: A Personal History of Wool and War
Jacqueline Dwyer
From the late 19th century to the 1950s, many wool buyers from the Flanders region of France and Belgium emigrated to Australia with their families to establish careers as buyers for the woollen mills of Europe. Although originally they had no intention of remaining here permanently, many stayed, establishing a prosperous and vibrant French community.
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Behind the Legend: The Many Worlds of Charles Todd
Denis Cryle
Telegraph Todd became a legend in his own lifetime for introducing Australian colonists to a new information age. But only recently has the full extent of his many and varied achievements come to light.
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If the moon smiled
Chandani Lokuge
As a young woman in Sri Lanka, Manthri marvels at the promise of life and yearns for a future of fulfilled dreams
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Turtle nest
Chandani Lokuge
Aruni returns to the island of her birth, Sri Lanka, aching to discover the truth about her mother, the wild and sensual beach girl, Mala.
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The Wobblies at War: A history of the IWW and the Great War in Australia
Frank Cain
Driven by Marxist ideology, the Industrial Workers of the World sought to draw the Australian unions into One Big Union, but of more lasting significance was their leadership in opposing the Great War.
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The Magic Lantern in Colonial Australia and New Zealand
Elizabeth Hartrick
This book brings to life the story of the magic lantern in colonial Australia and New Zealand. It describes the extraordinarily wide use of magic lantern images and technology across the colonies
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Digital Disruption: Impact on Business Models, Regulation & Financial Crime
David Chaikin, Derwent Coshott
Chaikin and Coshotts book provides a holistic view of the opportunities and threats entailed in the digital world of the 21st century, showing how digital disruption is impacting businesses, governments, investors and consumers.
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James Morrill: Captive of Empire
Bruce Breslin
James Morrill was an eye-witness to Australias longest war that roiled the Australian continent episodically for 140 years.
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Escape from the Sun: Surviving the Tyrannies of Lenin, Hitler and Stalin
Eugene Schlusser
This is a powerful account of a son retrieving his past to safeguard the future.
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Driftwood: Escape and survival through art
Eva de Jong-Duldig
Spanning three continents and three generations, it poignantly captures both the loss that families encounter when they are dislocated by war and the challenges they face when adapting to a new way of life.
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