Forthcoming Titles

Here are a selection of soon to be released titles from Australian Scholarly Publishing and Arcadia.

The Modern Lawyer: Marketing Strategies, Tips & Tools
Mira Stammers
"The Modern Lawyer" provides you with proven strategies, tips and tools that will help transform your practice from the inside out. These strategies provide you with a complete marketing solution to help you achieve dramatic results in your practice, without investing a lot of time and money.
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Three Duties and Talleyrand’s Dictum: Keith Waller: Portrait of a Working Diplomat
Alan Fewster
Keith Waller was a pioneering Australian diplomat. Arguably the most talented recruit to the infant Department of External Affairs in the mid-1930s, he was a suave and persuasive prosecutor of Australias interests, serving every Prime Minister from Lyons to Whitlam with distinction.
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Old Old Age: A Brief Guide
Ian Hansen
This is about the old old, not the physically lively sixty and seventy-year-olds, but octogenarians having a voice.
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‘A secondary education for all’?: A History of State Secondary Schooling in Victoria
John Andrews, Deborah Towns
'A secondary education for all?' reveals the lively history of how successive state and federal governments, the Department of Education, students, teachers and school communities have participated in creating and maintaining our government secondary schools.
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Unlocking the Past: What Stories Does Your School Have to Reveal?
John Andrews, Deborah Towns
A companion to 'A Secondary Education for All'. This Compendium is for those wanting to write the history of a Victorian government secondary school.
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Intention and Unintention or the Hyperconscious in Contemporary Lyric Impulse
Grant Caldwell
The question of how lyric poetry is written, especially in the moment when it first arrives with a poet, is vexed. Grant Caldwells discussion of the hyperconscious and of poetic unintentionality in the contemporary lyric impulse constitutes an original contribution to knowledge in this field ...
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The Writing Point
Nicholas Lyon Gresson
"The Writing Point" is a fourth book of poetry by New Zealand writer, Nicholas Lyon Gresson QSM.
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Celebrating 100 Years of Special Education in Victoria 1913–2013
Tony Thomas
In "Celebrating 100 Years of Special Education in Victoria 19132013", Tony Thomas examines many aspects of Victorian special education from its beginnings in schools attached to existing homes for neglected children to the present days diverse resources for students with disabilities and impairments.
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