Forthcoming Titles

Here are a selection of soon to be released titles from Australian Scholarly Publishing and Arcadia.

Night Music
Andrew McDonald
The language of these poems meditates and jives, raves and glitters, teases and grieves, about life itself and the ultimate subject the life of the imagination.
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Primitive and Pop: Keith Haring’s Australia 1984
Andrew Montana
At the height of his fame, New York City artist and activist Keith Haring landed in Australia in 1984. Melding new scholarship on the visual arts of the early 1980s, this book vividly weaves Harings animated art with the audacious work of Australian artists into a forceful, urban cultural history.
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The Creation of Trust: A History of the Public Trustees
Craig Dent
The Creation of Trust is the intriguing story of Australias Public Trustees, revealing their rich heritage and casting a rarely-seen light on their often misunderstood purpose, services and contribution to society.
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Lost Copy: The Endless Wars Iraq and Afghanistan
John Martinkus
The memoir of celebrated Australian war correspondent John Martinkus, who covered conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Aceh, Sri Lanka and Burma
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Quit Anxiety Now: With Smart Therapy
Sallee McLaren
Dr Sallee McLaren has spent more than 20 years developing a revolutionary approach to anxiety and other forms of distress. Her approach is called Smart Therapy (ST) and it is easy, fast, effective and enjoyable to apply.
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Smart Therapy Assertion
Sallee McLaren
This Smart Therapy (ST) Assertion booklet, written by a highly experienced clinical psychologist, gives us a new take on assertion and provides a clear, readable and easily applied method to help fill this crucial gap.
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Stephen Moline
RED tracks the lives of two families of Australian political idealists, their motives, expectations and gradual disillusionment.
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