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A listing of titles from the Asian History category.

A Nice Quiet Tourist: Letters from a journey to Afghanistan
Geoffrey Fitzhardinge, Verity Fitzhardinge
On a six-month field trip, Verity Fitzhardinge spent some time working in Indian and Russian libraries, but as the major part of the trip she spent several months in Afghanistan, during which she travelled widely and adventurously through the country.
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A Voyage to Australia: A diary written by A.J.W. van Delden in 1866 while on a mission to establish a steam-ship line between Java and Australia
A.J.W. van Delden, Dorine Tolley
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By-Lines, Balibo, Bali Bombings: Australian Journalists in Indonesia
Ross Tapsell
The restrictions and governmental and military constraints on the reporting of Indonesia by Australian journalists. An examination of history, Australia-Indonesia relations and press freedom
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Going Native: The Passions of Philip Jacks
Rohan Price
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Joan in India
Suzanne Falkiner
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Lu Xun and Australia
Mabel Lee, Chiu-yee Cheung, Sue Wiles
Lu Xun's creative genius and profound erudition in Western philosophy and literature, contributed to his effortlessly writing this first example of modern Chinese literature - A Madmans Diary
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Saltwater in the Ink: Voices from the Australian Seas
Lucy Sussex
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Unlocking the History of the Australasian Kuo Min Tang 1911-2013
Mei-Fen Kuo, Judith Brett
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