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A Lemnos Odyssey: From Jason and The Argonauts to the ANZACs at Gallipoli. The Story of the Greek Island of Lemnos
Tony Whitefield, Roger Hawthorn
From Jason and The Argonauts to the ANZACS at Gallipoli. The Story of the Greek island of Lemnos
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A World History
Paul Kelloway
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A World of Change: My life in the global women’s rights movement
Anne S Walker
This is an important memoir that takes readers inside the world of women fighting for justice and for an equal place at the tables where global policies and programs are developed and implemented.
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Against the Odds: Poverty in Addis Ababa
Klaus Serr
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America Looks to Australia: The Hidden Role of Richard Casey in the Creation of the Australia–America Alliance, 1940–1942
James Prior
Richard Casey, who as Australias first ambassador to the United States, did more to secure American engagement with Australia in Pacific security than Curtin or anyone else.
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Catalina De Erauso: The Lieutenant Nun and the Conquest of the New World
Heidi Zogbaum
Catalina de Erauso, known as the Lieutenant Nun, escaped the nunnery, dressed as a boy and embarked on a journey around The Americas as a soldier, gambler, brawler and duellist.
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Celluloid Anzacs —The Great War Anzac Debate through Australian Cinema
Daniel Reynaud
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Deutschland über Allah! Germany, Gallipoli and The Great War
John F. Williams
John Williams examination of the German perspective of Gallipoli brings into relief the place of the campaign in the First World War as a whole. Through German eyes, what finally tipped the balance of the campaign was the brilliance and audacity of a lone-wolf U-boat commander.
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Engaging Rome and Jerusalem: Historical Essays for our Time
Edwin Judge, Stuart Piggin
A collection of Edwin Judge's essays on the angst and contradictions in modern civilisation in terms of the unresolved tension between Classical and biblical thought
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Escape from the Sun: Surviving the Tyrannies of Lenin, Hitler and Stalin
Eugene Schlusser
When a son begins to question his parents judgement and decisions after World War II, he is overwhelmed by what he finds. To survive dictators you need to keep secrets even if this means deliberately disinforming your family. Paul and Natalie keep their family safe by doing so. But should secrets be kept for ever?
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Four Weeks One Summer: When It All Went Wrong
Nicholas Whitlam
In the summer of 1936, over just four weeks, it all went wrong. The Spanish Civil War was on. Edward VIII took a scandalous holiday cruise with Mrs Simpson, Berlin staged the greatest sporting event of modern times, the alternative Peoples Olympiad never came to be, and Barcelona was transformed into a unique workers paradise. All this in four weeks.
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French Canadian Rebels as Australian Convicts
Brian M. Petrie
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French Lives in Australia
Ivan Barko, Eric Berti
The twenty-four French figures who contributed to Australia's economic, cultural and social development
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From St Petersburg to Port Jackson: Russian Travellers’ Tales of Australia 1807-1912
Kevin Windle, Elena Govor, Alexander Massov
A collection of reports, notes and memoirs from Russian officers, recording their impressions of colonial Australia, the convict system, the indigenous peoples, the life of the settlers and the wild life of the continent
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Guy Gaunt: The Boy From Ballarat Who Talked America Into the Great War
Anthony Delano
Guy Gaunt built a career by playing outside the rules. He dodged his way up the ranks of the Royal Navy, married for money, snatched up a country estate, won a seat in Parliament and faked his disappearance to run off with the wife of the Kings doctor. His infiltration of Americas leadership changed the course of history
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Imposing Peace and Prosperity — Australia, Social Justice and Labour Reform in Occupied Japan
Christine de Matos
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Kismet: The Story of Gallipoli POWs
Jennifer Lawless
67 Australian POWs from Gallipoli tell of life in the camps and challenge the myth that the lot of the prisoner was one of constant suffering and hardship.
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Kon-Tiki Revisited
Robert Langdon
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Legacies of War
Nigel Starck
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Legends of War: The AIF in France, 1918
Pat Beale
1918 was a year of triumph for the Australian Corps in France yet today this is seldom recognised by most Australians. Our perceptions have been clouded by legends, built up over the past century, that have trivialised their achievement.
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Lietuvybe Down Under: Maintaining Lithuanian national and cultural identity in Australia
Grazina Pranauskas
'Lietuvybe Down Under' is a book about the experiences of Lithuanian migrants to Australia, and specifically about the desire of migrants to feel and be Lithuanian while living away from their homeland.
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Lord Sydney: The Life and Times of Tommy Townshend
Andrew Tink
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Lost in the Mists: Leslie Russell Blake, Mawson’s Cartographer and Hero of Pozières
Herbert J.G. Dartnall
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Nazi Dreamtime: Australian enthusiasts for Hitler's Germany
David Bird
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Our Schools and the War
Rosalie Triolo
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Outsiders — Tales from the Supreme Court of NSW, 1824–1836
Bruce Kercher
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Primitive and Pop: Keith Haring’s Australia 1984
Andrew Montana
At the height of his fame, New York City artist and activist Keith Haring landed in Australia in 1984. Melding new scholarship on the visual arts of the early 1980s, this book vividly weaves Haring's animated art with the audacious work of Australian artists into a forceful, urban cultural history.
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Reforming the Reformation: Essays in honour of Principal Peter Matheson
Ian Breward
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The Bracegirdle Incident: How an Australian communist ignited Ceylon’s independence struggle
Alan Fewster
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The Empire Fractures
Christopher Waters
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The Poles & Australia
Malgorzata Klatt
In the 20th century Australia and Poland became truly connected as waves of Polish migrants settled and political exchanges steadily developed.
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The Sweetland Project: Remembering Gallipoli in the Shire of Nunawading
Steven Cooke
The story of the men from the Shire of Nunawading who died during the Gallipoli campaign, and the reaction to the Great War of the local community that still resonates today
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Undesirable: Captain Zuzenko and the Workers of Australia and the World
Kevin Windle
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