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A listing of titles from the Women's Studies category.

A Disappearing World: Studies in Class, Gender & Memory
Ian Watson
A fascinating glimpse of class and gender relations in two working-class communities in the second half of the 20th century in Australia
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A Prescription for Action: The Life of Dr Janet Irwin
Susan Currie
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A World of Change: My life in the global women’s rights movement
Anne S Walker
This is an important memoir that takes readers inside the world of women fighting for justice and for an equal place at the tables where global policies and programs are developed and implemented.
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Australia Through Women's Eyes
Ann Standish
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Bricks or Spirit?
Emma Russell
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Catalina De Erauso: The Lieutenant Nun and the Conquest of the New World
Heidi Zogbaum
Catalina de Erauso, known as the Lieutenant Nun, escaped the nunnery, dressed as a boy and embarked on a journey around The Americas as a soldier, gambler, brawler and duellist.
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Challenging Women – Towards Equality in the Parliament of Victoria
Madeline Grey
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Crushed by Women: Women and Wine
Jeni Port
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Girl Talk: One Hundred Years of Australian Girls’ Childhood
Gwenda Davey
Gwenda Beed Davey has drawn on her years of experience in child development and oral history to show what it was like to be a girl, in 1910, 1930, 1960, or 2010.
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Homefront Hostilities: The First World War and Domestic Violence
Elizabeth Nelson
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Honourable Healers: Pioneering Women Doctors
Merrilyn Murnane
Three remarkable women rewrote the history books by becoming doctors in a world where women were not even allowed to vote.
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Miss D and Miss N – An Extraordinary Partnership. The Diary of Anne Drysdale
Bev Roberts
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No Ordinary Lives — Pioneering women in Australian politics
Cathy Jenkins
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The Popular Culture of Romantic Love in Australia
Hsu-Ming Teo
This book explores how love was represented in Australia from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day, in all forms of the arts and in timely political debates about same-sex love and marriage.
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Verity: A remarkable woman’s journey
Robert Lehane
As a bookseller, Verity Fitzhardinge established the fondly remembered Verity Hewitt bookshop in Canberra. As an inspiring teacher, she had Gough Whitlam and Evdokia Petrov among her pupils.
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Woman War Doctor: The Life of Mary De Garis
Ruth Lee
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