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A listing of titles from the Women's Studies category.

A Disappearing World: Studies in Class, Gender & Memory
Ian Watson
A fascinating glimpse of class and gender relations in two working-class communities in the second half of the 20th century in Australia
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A Prescription for Action: The Life of Dr Janet Irwin
Susan Currie
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Australia Through Women's Eyes
Ann Standish
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Bricks or Spirit?
Emma Russell
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Catalina De Erauso: The Lieutenant Nun and the Conquest of the New World
Heidi Zogbaum
Catalina de Erauso, known as the Lieutenant Nun, escaped the nunnery, dressed as a boy and embarked on a journey around The Americas as a soldier, gambler, brawler and duellist.
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Challenging Women – Towards Equality in the Parliament of Victoria
Madeline Grey
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Crushed by Women: Women and Wine
Jeni Port
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Homefront Hostilities: The First World War and Domestic Violence
Elizabeth Nelson
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Honourable Healers: Pioneering Women Doctors
Merrilyn Murnane
Three remarkable women rewrote the history books by becoming doctors in a world where women were not even allowed to vote.
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Miss D and Miss N – An Extraordinary Partnership. The Diary of Anne Drysdale
Bev Roberts
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No Ordinary Lives — Pioneering women in Australian politics
Cathy Jenkins
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The Popular Culture of Romantic Love in Australia
Hsu-Ming Teo
This book explores how love was represented in Australia from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day, in all forms of the arts and in timely political debates about same-sex love and marriage.
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Woman War Doctor: The Life of Mary De Garis
Ruth Lee
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