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A listing of titles from the Victorian History category.

'Long Views and Short Vistas': Victoria's 19th-century Public Botanic Gardens
Gwen Pascoe
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150 Years Of Spring Street — Victorian Government: 1850s to 21st Century
Robert Murray
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Books for the Profession: The Library of the Supreme Court of Victoria
Sue Reynolds
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Bricks or Spirit?
Emma Russell
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Cultured Colonists: George Alexander Gilbert and His Family, Settlers in Port Phillip
Margaret Bowman
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Finding Home: The Masson family 1886–1980
R.J.W. Selleck
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From Small Beginnings: The Victorian School of Languages
Bruno Mascitelli, Catherine Bryant
More than a mere chronological recount of milestones and achievements of the VSL over its 80-year history, but a nuanced, analytical, and critical account of what is arguably one of Victorias greatest educational assets
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Leading Social Work
Jane Miller
The history of social work education at the University of Melbourne, tracing the influences that would ultimately shape social work as a new profession in Australia. This exploration of 75 years of teaching and research pays tribute to the people who have had a critical impact on the profession.
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Life's Logic: 150 Years of Physiology at The University of Melbourne
Juliet Flesch
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Making A Home: A History of Castlemaine
Heather Holst
A history of Castlemaine and its inhabitants from the 1850s gold rush.
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Making Melbourne's Monuments: The Sculpture of Paul Montford
Catherine Moriarty
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Melbourne Miles: The Story of Melbourne’s Roads
Max Lay
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Melbourne Street Life
Andrew May
Ugo Catanis 'A Summer Shower in Collins Street', 1889, sets the scene for Andrew Mays invitation to walk the streets of Melbourne, imagine the everyday past, and see the urban landscape with new eyes.
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Melbourne: City of Words
John McLaren
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Pioneer Teachers of the Kelly Country
L.J. Pryor, G.W. Pryor
The schools of North-East Victoria in the 1870s and 80s were often primitive structures, and some of their teachers became linked to the exploits of the Kelly gang.
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Reconciliation in Regional Australia: Case Studies from Gippsland
Andrew Gunstone
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The Audacious Adventures of Dr Louis Lawrence Smith
John Poynter
The captivating biography of L.L.Smith, medico, writer, publisher, politician, litigant, showman, speculator, collector, vigneron, farmer, breeder and rider of racehorses, guiding hand for thirty years of Melbourne's great exhibition complex
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The Children of the Port Phillip Aboriginal Protectorate
Fred Cahir, Ian D Clark
During the life of the Port Phillip Aboriginal Protectorate from 1839 until late 1849 some 35 children of the Protectors were associated with the Protectorate. These children have been largely neglected. Six of them have however left 28 distinct records of their experiences.
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The Government Owes a Lot of Money to our People: A History of Indigenous Stolen Wages in Victoria
Andrew Gunstone, Sadie Heckenberg
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The Mill: Experiments in Theatre and Community
Meredith Rogers
The Mill Theatres life was short, but its legacy has been substantial. This book brings to light the work of a company largely ignored in broad-brush histories, and the profound impact it had on theatre workers and students who were touched by it.
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Unlocking the Past: What Stories Does Your School Have to Reveal?
John Andrews, Deborah Towns
A companion to 'A Secondary Education for All'. This Compendium is for those wanting to write the history of a Victorian government secondary school.
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W.H. Blakeley: Pioneer Saw Maker, Farmer & Trade Unionist
Helen L Blakeley
From the reeking smoke stacks of industrial Sheffield in the 1850s to the cheek-to-jowl tenements of Little Bourke Street East in the Melbourne of 1866, this book takes you on a pioneering journey across the seas to a saw-mill in the remote wilderness of New Zealand, and from there to a bark hut on a bush Selection in the Colony of Victoria, and then on to Melbourne.
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