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J.A. Lyons — The Tame Tasmanian Appeasement and rearmament in Australia 1932–39
David Bird
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The diary of Philip Thomas Smith on board the Royal Admiral en route for Van Diemen’s Land
Richard Fotheringham
One of Tasmanias earliest settlers, London lawyer Philip Smith, hated almost every minute of the 4 month journey to Australia. However, during the trip, he kept detailed day-by-day notes. He then rewrote them as a witty, acerbic and entertaining account of his adventures
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Whalers and Free Men — Life on Tasmania's Colonial Whaling Stations
Susan Lawrence
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Wrest Point: The Life, The Times and The People of Tasmania's Hotel
Graeme Tonks, Mark Dibben
A history of the Wrest Point Hotel, a beacon of Tasmania's tourism industry
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