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A listing of titles from the Social Sciences category.

A History of the Moral Economy – Markets, Custom and the Philosophy of Popular Entitlement
John R. Owen
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A Long Road Home: The Life and Times of Grisha Sklovsky
John Nicholson
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A World of Change: My life in the global women’s rights movement
Anne S Walker
This is an important memoir that takes readers inside the world of women fighting for justice and for an equal place at the tables where global policies and programs are developed and implemented.
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As Others See Us — The Values Debate in Australia
J. V. D'Cruz, Bernie Neville, Devika Goonewardene, Phillip Darby
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Australia's New Wave of Italian Migration: Paradise or Illusion?
Bruno Mascitelli, Riccardo Armillei
Much has been said about Italian migration to Australia of the 1950s and 1960s but little is known or understood of the new, young, skilled and educated Italian migrants of the current period.
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Australia's Secular Foundations
Malcolm Wood
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Bridging Troubled Waters: Australia and Asylum Seekers
Tony Ward
Australian discussion of asylum seekers is polarised between slogans of 'Stop the Boats' and 'Bring them here'.
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Fairness and Equality: Drawing Election Districts in Australia
Jenni Newton-Farrelly
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History, Politics & Knowledge — Essays in Australian Indigenous studies
Andrew Gunstone
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Market Versus Nature
Eric Aarons
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New Beginnings: Issues and Needs in International Kinship Care
Klaus Serr, David Rose
Children and young people, many from conflict-affected countries, who arrive in Australia on orphan relative visas are highly vulnerable, neglected by public policy and insufficient services
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Old Old Age: A Brief Guide
Ian Hansen
This is about the old old, not the physically lively sixty and seventy-year-olds, but octogenarians having a voice.
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On the Boundary Line — Colonial identity in fooball
Barry Judd
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On The Outside — Pathways in and out of Homelessness
Guy Johnson, Hellene Gronda, Sally Coutts
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Other People’s Children: Adoption in Australia
Ceridwen Spark, Denise Cuthbert
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Parkland: When Caravan is Home
Janice Newton
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Persistent Young Offenders
Patrice Cooke
This book will revolutionalise how we think about the diagnosis and treatment of offenders. Rather than categorising offenders according to their offenses, the primary focus needs to be shifted to identifying the underlying psychological processes out of which the offending behaviour flows.
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Quit Anxiety Now: With Smart Therapy
Sallee McLaren
Dr Sallee McLaren has spent more than 20 years developing a revolutionary approach to anxiety and other forms of distress. Her approach is called Smart Therapy (ST) and it is easy, fast, effective and enjoyable to apply.
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The Burning Mirror — Photography in an ambivalent light
Melissa Miles
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The Children of the Port Phillip Aboriginal Protectorate
Fred Cahir, Ian D Clark
During the life of the Port Phillip Aboriginal Protectorate from 1839 until late 1849 some 35 children of the Protectors were associated with the Protectorate. These children have been largely neglected. Six of them have however left 28 distinct records of their experiences.
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The Popular Culture of Romantic Love in Australia
Hsu-Ming Teo
This book explores how love was represented in Australia from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day, in all forms of the arts and in timely political debates about same-sex love and marriage.
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The Power of Ideas – Essays on Australian Politics and History
Greg Melluish
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The Scars Remain: A Long History of Forgotten Australians and Children’s Institutions
Nell Musgrove
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The Struggle for the Body, Mind and Soul of AFL Footballers
Peter Kelly, Christopher Hickey
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W. Macmahon Ball: Politics for the People
Ai Kobayashi
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What are we doing in Afghanistan? The Military and the Media at War
Kevin Foster
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What is a Social Relation?: An Apprenticeship in Sociological Imagination
Ann Game, Andrew Metcalfe
An author and reader collaborative exploration of the fundamental logic of social relationships, sociological thinking and practice
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Young people leaving state out-of-home care: A research-based study of Australian policy and practice
Philip Mendes, Guy Johnson, Badal Moslehuddin
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