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‘A secondary education for all’?: A History of State Secondary Schooling in Victoria
John Andrews, Deborah Towns
'A secondary education for all?' reveals the lively history of how successive state and federal governments, the Department of Education, students, teachers and school communities have participated in creating and maintaining our government secondary schools.
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A Lemnos Odyssey: From Jason and The Argonauts to the ANZACs at Gallipoli. The Story of the Greek Island of Lemnos
Tony Whitefield, Roger Hawthorn
From Jason and The Argonauts to the ANZACS at Gallipoli. The Story of the Greek island of Lemnos
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A Nice Quiet Tourist: Letters from a journey to Afghanistan
Geoffrey Fitzhardinge, Verity Fitzhardinge
On a six-month field trip, Verity Fitzhardinge spent some time working in Indian and Russian libraries, but as the major part of the trip she spent several months in Afghanistan, during which she travelled widely and adventurously through the country.
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Adani versus the Black-throated Finch
Tor Hundloe
On 3 April 2016 the Queensland government announced that it had granted coal leases to Adani. They are in Banjo Paterson country, where 'Waltzing Matilda' was written.
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Agents of Empire: How E.L. Mitchell’s photographs shaped Australia
Joanna Sassoon
For nearly 100 years, E.L. Mitchell's emblematic photographs have shaped ideas about Australia. But who was Mitchell and why did he succeed above his competitors?
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Algorithms: Machines of the Mind
Marcus Randall
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America Looks to Australia: The Hidden Role of Richard Casey in the Creation of the Australia–America Alliance, 1940–1942
James Prior
Richard Casey, who as Australias first ambassador to the United States, did more to secure American engagement with Australia in Pacific security than Curtin or anyone else.
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An Appointment with Beethoven: An Appreciation of the Life of Ronald Farren-Price AM
Ian Burk
Ronald Farren-Price is the grand old man of the piano in Australia. This book is about his life, work, career and outlook, based on his own reminiscences.
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Anzac Spirituality: The First AIF soldiers speak
Daniel Reynaud
We have absorbed the notion of the Anzac into the spiritual core of what it means to be Australian without ever examining the spiritual core of the Anzacs themselves. This study explores the Anzacs spiritual beliefs and experiences largely through their own words, taken from the diaries and letters of over 1,000 soldiers of the First AIF.
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Australia's New Wave of Italian Migration: Paradise or Illusion?
Bruno Mascitelli, Riccardo Armillei
Much has been said about Italian migration to Australia of the 1950s and 1960s but little is known or understood of the new, young, skilled and educated Italian migrants of the current period.
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Behind the Legend: The Many Worlds of Charles Todd
Denis Cryle
Telegraph Todd became a legend in his own lifetime for introducing Australian colonists to a new information age. But only recently has the full extent of his many and varied achievements come to light.
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Bound by every tie of duty: John Lewes Pedder, Chief Justice of Van Diemen’s Land
Jacqueline Fox
This new biography offers a sensitive account of a complex and surprisingly sympathetic man, who played a significant role in Tasmanian history.
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Bridging Troubled Waters: Australia and Asylum Seekers
Tony Ward
Australian discussion of asylum seekers is polarised between slogans of 'Stop the Boats' and 'Bring them here'.
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Brightly Fades The Don
J. H. Fingleton
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By What Authority? Criminal law in colonial New South Wales 1788–1861
Eugene Schofield-Georgeson
'By What Authority?' makes a ground-breaking new case for a history of Australian criminal law from the bottom-up.
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Callan Park: Hospital for the Insane
Sarah Luke
"Callan Park, Hospital for the Insane" uses Victorian-era medical files to explore the lives of the first patients and staff of the early hospital, detailing their daily routine, treatment, escapes and cures.
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Celebrating 100 Years of Special Education in Victoria 1913–2013
Tony Thomas
In "Celebrating 100 Years of Special Education in Victoria 19132013", Tony Thomas examines many aspects of Victorian special education from its beginnings in schools attached to existing homes for neglected children to the present days diverse resources for students with disabilities and impairments.
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Coasts of Dream: A Biography of E.J. Brady
Sarah Mirams
In telling the story of E.J. Bradys poetry, dreams and passions, Sarah Mirams delves insightfully into a writers life and Australias literary, social and environmental history.
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Corporate and Trust Structures: Legal and Illegal Dimensions
Gordon Hook, David Chaikin
"Corporate and Trust Structures: Legal and Illegal Dimensions" is a collection of essays by experts in company law, trusts and financial crime. It explores the nature of companies and trusts, how they have been utilised for legitimate business purposes, and how they can be exploited by criminals for illegal purposes.
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Dementia is Different: Not just another ordinary illness
Ludomyr Mykyta
In countries like ours, this is the era of chronic illness of which dementia is the epitome. The seeming epidemic of dementia comes with the ageing of the population, which was predictable for generations and for which successive governments failed to prepare.
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Digital Disruption: Impact on Business Models, Regulation & Financial Crime
David Chaikin, Derwent Coshott
Chaikin and Coshotts book provides a holistic view of the opportunities and threats entailed in the digital world of the 21st century, showing how digital disruption is impacting businesses, governments, investors and consumers.
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Doctoral Research in Art
David Forrest
This collection on doctoral research in art complements previous work on undertaking doctoral research in music education and arts education.
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Driftwood: Escape and survival through art
Eva de Jong-Duldig
Spanning three continents and three generations, Driftwood poignantly captures both the loss that families encounter when they are dislocated by war and the challenges they face when adapting to a new way of life.
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Elfriede Jelinek Goes Australia: Indigenising an Austrian Nobel Prize Winner
André Bastian
'Elfriede Jelinek Goes Australia: Indigenising an Austrian Nobel Prize Winner' is the first volume entirely published on Jelineks work in Australia and gathers a series of analyses around 'Princess Dramas' at Red Stitch Actors Theatrethe first-ever production of one of her plays on an Australian stage, in Melbourne, 2011.
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Encounters With Asian Decolonisation
David Fettling
Shortly after the Second World War, five Australians, all government officials, experienced first-hand the revolt of Asia. The European colonial system disintegrated and powerful new states rose in its place an independent India, an Indonesian Republic, a fractious Malaya, a Communist China.
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Escape from the Sun: Surviving the Tyrannies of Lenin, Hitler and Stalin
Eugene Schlusser
When a son begins to question his parents judgement and decisions after World War II, he is overwhelmed by what he finds. To survive dictators you need to keep secrets even if this means deliberately disinforming your family. Paul and Natalie keep their family safe by doing so. But should secrets be kept for ever?
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Estudios doctorales en educación musical y artística de España y Portugal: Visión y recorrido
Alberto Cabedo-Mas, Maravillas Díaz-Gómez, David Forrest
Doctoral studies in music and arts education in Spain and Portugal: View and journey is the first time that a group of music educators from universities in Spain and Portugal has reflected on their doctoral journey.
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Fairness and Equality: Drawing Election Districts in Australia
Jenni Newton-Farrelly
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Flanders in Australia: A Personal History of Wool and War
Jacqueline Dwyer
From the late 19th century to the 1950s, many wool buyers from the Flanders region of France and Belgium emigrated to Australia with their families to establish careers as buyers for the woollen mills of Europe. Although originally they had no intention of remaining here permanently, many stayed, establishing a prosperous and vibrant French community.
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Forgotten Country: A Short History of Central Australia
Alan Powell
Central Australia has, with reason, been seen as the last frontier of Australia and, politically, the forgotten country.
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Friends, Fashion and Fabulousness: The Making of an Australian Style
Sally Gray
Linking fashion, art, sexual politics and diverse urban subcultures, Sally Gray describes a restlessly creative, culturally influential group of friends and collaborators as they moved to and from Melbourne, Paris, Sydney, London, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, New York, and places in between.
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Girl Talk: One Hundred Years of Australian Girls’ Childhood
Gwenda Davey
Gwenda Beed Davey has drawn on her years of experience in child development and oral history to show what it was like to be a girl, in 1910, 1930, 1960, or 2010.
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Growing Wild
Michael Wilding
A career that is remarkable for how prolific and innovative it has been in so many areas, whether Wilding was working as a short story writer, novelist, critic, editor, commentator, anthologist, or publisher
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In So Many Words: Interviews with Writers, Scholars and Intellectuals
Cassandra L. Atherton
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Inspiring Australians: The First Fifty Years of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust
Penelope Hanley
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James Morrill: Captive of Empire
Bruce Breslin
James Morrill was an eye-witness to Australias longest war that roiled the Australian continent episodically for 140 years.
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Jigsaw: Patterns in Law and Literature
Nicholas Hasluck
Judicial appointments, the rule of law, activism on the High Court, the push for indigenous recognition, the role of style in writing judgments, legal images in fictions cave of shadows novelist and former judge Nicholas Hasluck covers these and other issues in this intriguing collection of occasional pieces
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John Curtin: How He Won Over the Media
Caryn Coatney
The life of John Curtin is one of Australia's most remarkable stories. He overcame childhood hardships to become the prime minister in turbulent times
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John Farrell: Poet, Journalist and Social Reformer 1851–1904
Paul Stenhouse
John Farrell was an integral figure in the literary and political ferment of the 1880s and 1890s in Australia.
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Keating and his Party Room
Jim Snow
The first comprehensive account of a full term of the proceedings of the Labor Party Room, where the Party's actions and performance in the Parliament are closely scrutinised and debated.
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Keep the Presses Running: The Australian Printing Industry in the Twentieth Century
Benjamin Thorn
The book describes the Australian printing industry in the twentieth century largely in the words of people who worked in it.
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Labor's Historic Mission
Brian Ellis
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Leading Social Work
Jane Miller
The history of social work education at the University of Melbourne, tracing the influences that would ultimately shape social work as a new profession in Australia. This exploration of 75 years of teaching and research pays tribute to the people who have had a critical impact on the profession.
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Lietuvybe Down Under: Maintaining Lithuanian national and cultural identity in Australia
Grazina Pranauskas
'Lietuvybe Down Under' is a book about the experiences of Lithuanian migrants to Australia, and specifically about the desire of migrants to feel and be Lithuanian while living away from their homeland.
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Memoir of an accidental ethicist: On medical ethics, medical misconduct and challenges for the medical profession
Kerry J Breen
This is an insiders account of the regulation of the medical profession in Australia and key issues in medical ethics and professional conduct that continue to bedevil medical practice.
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Moss Cass and the Greening of the Australian Labor Party
Moss Cass, Vivien Encel, Anthony O’Donnell
This political biography offers an insiders account of a tumultuous time in Australian politics. Cass's story provides a compelling pre-history to many of the key issues in progressive politics today: the environment, refugees, homosexual law reform, the media, and health care.
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My Name Should Be Melano
Leonie A. Ryder
This book is the outcome of Leonie Ryders quest to find out why her surname is not Melano, the surname with which her father was born.
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No Country for Revolutionaries: Italian Communists in Sydney 1971–1991: Their Activities, Policies and Liaison with the Italian and Australian Communist Parties
Gianfranco Cresciani
Between 1971 and 1991 the Italian Communist Party endeavoured to mobilise Italian migrants in Australia in order to extend its influence and power, attract their vote and defend their rights.
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Northern Dreams: The Politics of Northern Development in Australia
Lyndon Megarrity
Northern Dreams brings to life the passionate arguments about Northern Australias national significance and analyses the political debates that have periodically drawn the publics attention northwards.
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Of Home Politics & World Trade
Bill Barry
The son of William Peter (Bill) Barry, the leader of the Democratic Labor Party in the Victorian Legislative Assembly after the Australian Labor Party broke in two in 1955, Bill Barry was at the very heart of the great ideological divide in Australian politics.
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On Bondi Beach
Demelza Marlin, Andrew Metcalfe, Ann Game
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Persistent Young Offenders
Patrice Cooke
This book will revolutionalise how we think about the diagnosis and treatment of offenders. Rather than categorising offenders according to their offenses, the primary focus needs to be shifted to identifying the underlying psychological processes out of which the offending behaviour flows.
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Primitive and Pop: Keith Haring’s Australia 1984
Andrew Montana
At the height of his fame, New York City artist and activist Keith Haring landed in Australia in 1984. Melding new scholarship on the visual arts of the early 1980s, this book vividly weaves Haring's animated art with the audacious work of Australian artists into a forceful, urban cultural history.
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Quit Anxiety Now: With Smart Therapy
Sallee McLaren
Dr Sallee McLaren has spent more than 20 years developing a revolutionary approach to anxiety and other forms of distress. Her approach is called Smart Therapy (ST) and it is easy, fast, effective and enjoyable to apply.
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Raffaello! Raffaello!: Raffaello Carboni at Eureka, Before and Beyond It
Desmond O'Grady
This new version of a compelling biography shows Carboni as a talented, complex, bumptious but, ultimately, disappointed man who gave Australia more than he gleaned.
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Rationalism: A Critique of Pure Theory
Brian Ellis
This book is a critique of rationalism. It aims to explain both its powerful contributions to mathematics and physical sciences, where our arithmetical, geometrical, and mechanical intuitions have had a highly productive role in the development of pure theory.
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Selbys the Science People: A History of H.B. Selby Australia Limited
Samuel Furphy
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Self-Sufficiency for a Sustainable Australian Future
Amanda McLeod
Self-Sufficiency for a Sustainable Australian Future examines the notion that reliance on economic materialism for growth and consumer wellbeing is not only a flawed concept but also directly leads to environmental catastrophe and climate change. Self-sufficiencydo-it-yourself homemakingoffers real solutions to these problems.
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Smart Therapy Assertion
Sallee McLaren
This Smart Therapy (ST) Assertion booklet, written by a highly experienced clinical psychologist, gives us a new take on assertion and provides a clear, readable and easily applied method to help fill this crucial gap.
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Squatting: Romance & Reality
James Ferguson
Told largely in the words of those involved, this is the story of squatting in the new colony. Squatters' rugged individualism did much to form the Australian character, and theirs is a story of courage and determination, but also of tragedy as economic progress led to the degradation of the land and destruction of the Aboriginal way of life.
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Strength in Battle: The Memoirs of Joseph Anderson Panton Goldfields' Commissioner and Magistrate
Hugh Anderson
The Victorian gold rushes attracted punctilious worthies and sharp operators, but rarely were these characters fused as in the personality of Joseph Anderson Panton, high-minded pillar of society as well as scourge of poor miners and political foes.
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Swanston: Merchant Statesman
Eleanor Robin
In reviving Swanstons remarkable story from a dusty, almost forgotten treasure trove of bank archives, Eleanor Robin brings to light his considerable contribution to the economic, political and social life of Van Diemens Land and his leading role in the settlement of Melbourne.
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The Artist Curates
Ruth Johnstone
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The Creation of Trust: A History of the Public Trustees
Craig Dent
The Creation of Trust is the intriguing story of Australias Public Trustees, revealing their rich heritage and casting a rarely-seen light on their often misunderstood purpose, services and contribution to society.
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The Maddest Place on Earth
Jill Giese
Gold-fuelled Melbourne was booming, but dwelling in the fault lines of the proud young colony was an alarming fact - Victoria had the highest rate of insanity in the world. Was it the antipodean sun, gold mania, excessive masturbation, the heady pace of modern life?
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The Magic Lantern in Colonial Australia and New Zealand
Elizabeth Hartrick
This book brings to life the story of the magic lantern in colonial Australia and New Zealand. It describes the extraordinarily wide use of magic lantern images and technology across the colonies
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The Master of Hell’s Gates: William Kinghorne 1796–1878
Chis Maxwell, Alex Pugh
Captain William Kinghorne navigated some of the most treacherous waters in the world. His life encompassed the Napoleonic Wars, smuggling in the North Sea, the brutal penal settlements of Macquarie Harbour and Port Arthur, the atrocities committed against the Aboriginal people of Tasmania, and the whaling industry of Jervis Bay.
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The Merchant of Sydney
Alex Pugh, Chis Maxwell
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The Modern Lawyer: Marketing Strategies, Tips & Tools
Mira Stammers
"The Modern Lawyer" provides you with proven strategies, tips and tools that will help transform your practice from the inside out. These strategies provide you with a complete marketing solution to help you achieve dramatic results in your practice, without investing a lot of time and money.
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The Popular Culture of Romantic Love in Australia
Hsu-Ming Teo
This book explores how love was represented in Australia from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day, in all forms of the arts and in timely political debates about same-sex love and marriage.
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The Quiet Invasion: A History of Early Sydney
Tim Ailwood
What really happened after the First Fleet arrived? Quiet Invasion is the true history of Sydneys first four years.
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The Wobblies at War: A history of the IWW and the Great War in Australia
Frank Cain
Driven by Marxist ideology, the Industrial Workers of the World sought to draw the Australian unions into One Big Union, but of more lasting significance was their leadership in opposing the Great War.
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The World Within: Self-perception and images of the Other in German literatures and cultures
Andrea Bandhauer, Tristan Lay, Yixu Lü, Peter Morgan
This book provides in-depth analysis of literary and biographical texts, film and performance practices in the German-speaking countries from the 17th century to the present
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Three Duties and Talleyrand’s Dictum: Keith Waller: Portrait of a Working Diplomat
Alan Fewster
Keith Waller was a pioneering Australian diplomat. Arguably the most talented recruit to the infant Department of External Affairs in the mid-1930s, he was a suave and persuasive prosecutor of Australias interests, serving every Prime Minister from Lyons to Whitlam with distinction.
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Unlocking the Past: What Stories Does Your School Have to Reveal?
John Andrews, Deborah Towns
A companion to 'A Secondary Education for All'. This Compendium is for those wanting to write the history of a Victorian government secondary school.
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Verity: A remarkable woman’s journey
Robert Lehane
As a bookseller, Verity Fitzhardinge established the fondly remembered Verity Hewitt bookshop in Canberra. As an inspiring teacher, she had Gough Whitlam and Evdokia Petrov among her pupils.
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What The Hell Was He Thinking? John Spooner’s Guide to the 21st Century
John Spooner
In words and images Spooner hopes to answer the question what the hell was he thinking? His book contains more than 250 cartoons, drawings, etchings and paintings.
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Who will believe my verse? The Code in Shakespeare’s Sonnets
James Leyland, James Goding
What little we know of the life of William Shakespeare is at odds with what would be expected of the greatest humanitarian writer of the Renaissance. Is Shakespeare a pseudonym?
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World's End: British Military Outputs in the Ring Fence Around Australia
Alan Powell
In 1829 Captain Fremantle formally laid Great Britains claim to all of New Holland outside the bounds of New South Wales by garrisoning a vast coastline through a number of military outposts
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