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A Voyage to Australia: A diary written by A.J.W. van Delden in 1866 while on a mission to establish a steam-ship line between Java and Australia
A.J.W. van Delden, Dorine Tolley
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Deutschland über Allah! Germany, Gallipoli and The Great War
John F. Williams
John Williams examination of the German perspective of Gallipoli brings into relief the place of the campaign in the First World War as a whole. Through German eyes, what finally tipped the balance of the campaign was the brilliance and audacity of a lone-wolf U-boat commander.
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From St Petersburg to Port Jackson: Russian Travellers’ Tales of Australia 1807-1912
Kevin Windle, Elena Govor, Alexander Massov
A collection of reports, notes and memoirs from Russian officers, recording their impressions of colonial Australia, the convict system, the indigenous peoples, the life of the settlers and the wild life of the continent
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Incognita: The Invention and Discovery of Terra Australis
Allen Mawer, G. A. Mawer
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Northern Voyagers - Australia’s monsoon coast in maritime history
Alan Powell
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Proud to be a Wharfie
Jim Beggs
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Racers of the Deep —The Yankee Clippers and Bluenose Clippers on the Australian Run 1852–1869
Ralph Neale
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South Sea Argonaut: James Colnett and the Enlargement of the Pacific 1772–1803
Allen Mawer
As an adventurous teenager, James Colnett had sailed with Cook in the Resolution. He later became a pioneer in the Pacific sea otter trade, nearly starting a war with Spain in the process. In his own words, he was a latter-day Argonaut
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The diary of Philip Thomas Smith on board the Royal Admiral en route for Van Diemen’s Land
Richard Fotheringham
One of Tasmanias earliest settlers, London lawyer Philip Smith, hated almost every minute of the 4 month journey to Australia. However, during the trip, he kept detailed day-by-day notes. He then rewrote them as a witty, acerbic and entertaining account of his adventures
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