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A listing of titles from the New Zealand History category.

A Peculiar Gentleman: George Rusden, A Life
John O'Leary
The biography of George Rusden, a former Melbourne civil servant and polemical historian, sued by John Bryce, over a claim Bryce had taken part in a massacre of Maori women and children in Taranaki some years earlier.
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Anzac: The Landing, The Legend, The Law
Catherine Bond
An interrogation of the legal history of one of Australia and New Zealands most revered words - 'Anzac' - and the restrictions on the acronym that still exist today.
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Culture, Knowledge, Property
Stephen Pritchard
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The Magic Lantern in Colonial Australia and New Zealand
Elizabeth Hartrick
This book brings to life the story of the magic lantern in colonial Australia and New Zealand. It describes the extraordinarily wide use of magic lantern images and technology across the colonies
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