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'Not Charted on Ordinary Maps': The Newcastle Steelworks Closure
John Lewer
The closure of the Newcastle steelworks - the story of workers and unions, managers and decisions, and Newcastle, intertwined in the largest deindustrialisation event in Australias history
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A Manifesto for New South Wales: Edward Smith Hall and the Sydney Monitor 1826–1840
Erin Ihde
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By What Authority? Criminal law in colonial New South Wales 1788–1861
Eugene Schofield-Georgeson
'By What Authority?' makes a ground-breaking new case for a history of Australian criminal law from the bottom-up.
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Callan Park: Hospital for the Insane
Sarah Luke
"Callan Park, Hospital for the Insane" uses Victorian-era medical files to explore the lives of the first patients and staff of the early hospital, detailing their daily routine, treatment, escapes and cures.
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Cosmopolitan Conservationists: Greening Modern Sydney
Peggy James
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Margaret Bailey: Pioneering Headmistress of Ascham School
Jane Gilmour
Businesswoman and educational innovator, Margaret Bailey was one of a small number of women who transformed education for girls in the first half of the twentieth century. Headmistress and owner of Ascham School from 1914 to 1946, one of Sydneys most prestigious private girls schools.
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On Bondi Beach
Demelza Marlin, Andrew Metcalfe, Ann Game
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The Battle of Parramatta 21 to 22 March 1797
Jonathan Lim
The enigmatic figure of Pemulwuy, the Darug leader who dared to rebel against white settlers, haunts the story of the early colonisation of NSW in particular, the remarkable incident known as the Battle of Parramatta
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The Iron Man of Sydney Cove: The Untold Story of Richard Dawson, Colonial Engineer
Harry Irwin
Richard Dicky Dawson, Sydney merchant and engineer, a well-liked, highly-respected and fair man but a hard taskmaster, was Australias first important iron founder.
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The Quiet Invasion: A History of Early Sydney
Tim Ailwood
What really happened after the First Fleet arrived? Quiet Invasion is the true history of Sydneys first four years.
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William & Mary Windeyer: Law, politics and society in colonial New South Wales
Leonora Ritter, Jim Windeyer
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World's End: British Military Outputs in the Ring Fence Around Australia
Alan Powell
In 1829 Captain Fremantle formally laid Great Britains claim to all of New Holland outside the bounds of New South Wales by garrisoning a vast coastline through a number of military outposts
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