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A listing of titles from the Multicultural Issues category.

'For Those Who've Come Across the Seas...': Australian Multicultural Theory, Policy and Practice
Andrew Jakubowicz, Christina Ho
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Engaging Rome and Jerusalem: Historical Essays for our Time
Edwin Judge, Stuart Piggin
A collection of Edwin Judge's essays on the angst and contradictions in modern civilisation in terms of the unresolved tension between Classical and biblical thought
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French Lives in Australia
Ivan Barko, Eric Berti
The twenty-four French figures who contributed to Australia's economic, cultural and social development
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Giving Voice: A History of Multicultural Arts Victoria
Paul Clarkson
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Lietuvybe Down Under: Maintaining Lithuanian national and cultural identity in Australia
Grazina Pranauskas
'Lietuvybe Down Under' is a book about the experiences of Lithuanian migrants to Australia, and specifically about the desire of migrants to feel and be Lithuanian while living away from their homeland.
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Many Hopes, One Dream – The Story of the Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria
Bronwyn Hinz
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No Country for Revolutionaries: Italian Communists in Sydney 1971–1991: Their Activities, Policies and Liaison with the Italian and Australian Communist Parties
Gianfranco Cresciani
Between 1971 and 1991 the Italian Communist Party endeavoured to mobilise Italian migrants in Australia in order to extend its influence and power, attract their vote and defend their rights.
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Refugees and Rebels — Indonesian Exiles in Wartime Australia
Jan Lingard
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Unlocking the History of the Australasian Kuo Min Tang 1911-2013
Mei-Fen Kuo, Judith Brett
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