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Black Writers, White Editors – Episodes of collaboration and compromise in Australian publishing history
Jenny Jones
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Coasts of Dream: A Biography of E.J. Brady
Sarah Mirams
In telling the story of E.J. Bradys poetry, dreams and passions, Sarah Mirams delves insightfully into a writers life and Australias literary, social and environmental history.
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In So Many Words: Interviews with Writers, Scholars and Intellectuals
Cassandra L. Atherton
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Lu Xun and Australia
Mabel Lee, Chiu-yee Cheung, Sue Wiles
Lu Xun's creative genius and profound erudition in Western philosophy and literature, contributed to his effortlessly writing this first example of modern Chinese literature - A Madmans Diary
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Craig McGregor
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Once Upon a Time: Australian Writers on Using the Past
Robert Crawford, Anna Clark, Paul Ashton
Sixteen well-known writers discuss how history and the past are used in a range of genres from historical and true crime novels to family history and memoir.
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Point of Departure, Point of Return
Marshall Browne
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Restless Sojourner in France
Marie Ramsland
During her sojourns in France, author Florence James discovered a culture that stimulated her intellectually and reinforced her home-grown ideologies. Her literary career blossomed there, gaining international recognition.
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Who will believe my verse? The Code in Shakespeare’s Sonnets
James Leyland, James Goding
What little we know of the life of William Shakespeare is at odds with what would be expected of the greatest humanitarian writer of the Renaissance. Is Shakespeare a pseudonym?
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Wild Bleak Bohemia: Marcus Clarke, Adam Lindsay Gordon & Henry Kendall
Michael Wilding
The story of three troubled geniuses of Australian writing and their world of poetry and poverty, alcohol and opiates, horse-racing and theatre, journalism and publishing.
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