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A listing of titles from the Government category.

All Hail The Leaders: The Australian Labor Party and Political Leadership
Glenn Kefford
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Australian Local Government and Community Development
Frank Hornby
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Challenging Women – Towards Equality in the Parliament of Victoria
Madeline Grey
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Constitutional Conventions in Australia
Ian Killey
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Encounters With Asian Decolonisation
David Fettling
Shortly after the Second World War, five Australians, all government officials, experienced first-hand the revolt of Asia. The European colonial system disintegrated and powerful new states rose in its place an independent India, an Indonesian Republic, a fractious Malaya, a Communist China.
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Keating and his Party Room
Jim Snow
The first comprehensive account of a full term of the proceedings of the Labor Party Room, where the Party's actions and performance in the Parliament are closely scrutinised and debated.
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Localising Human Services
Robert Lowell
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Over a Decade of Despair - The Howard Government and Indigenous Affairs
Andrew Gunstone
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Planning Power: The uses and abuses of power in the planning of the Latrobe Valley
David Langmore
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Stephen Moline
RED tracks the lives of two families of Australian political idealists, their motives, expectations and gradual disillusionment.
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The Manner of their Going: Prime Ministerial Exits from Lyne to Abbott
Norman Abjorensen
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Three Duties and Talleyrand’s Dictum: Keith Waller: Portrait of a Working Diplomat
Alan Fewster
Keith Waller was a pioneering Australian diplomat. Arguably the most talented recruit to the infant Department of External Affairs in the mid-1930s, he was a suave and persuasive prosecutor of Australias interests, serving every Prime Minister from Lyons to Whitlam with distinction.
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Unlocking the History of the Australasian Kuo Min Tang 1911-2013
Mei-Fen Kuo, Judith Brett
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