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A listing of titles from the Cultural Studies category.

'For Those Who've Come Across the Seas...': Australian Multicultural Theory, Policy and Practice
Andrew Jakubowicz, Christina Ho
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Abrogating Responsibility
Geoffrey Gray
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Alias Blind Larry: The Mostly True Memoir of James Laurence The Singing Convict
Rob Wills
Alias Blind Larry is a convict story, an adventure story, a colonial story, a Jewish story, a theatrical story. A fascinating piece of history, untold until now. Through the narrative of Laurences life, it re-creates a whole period of history.
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As Others See Us — The Values Debate in Australia
J. V. D'Cruz, Bernie Neville, Devika Goonewardene, Phillip Darby
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Becoming Indigenous to the Universe: Reflections on Living Systems, Indigenity and Citizenship
Kerry Arabena
In Becoming Indigenous to the Universe Kerry Arabena seeks to converge the wisdom of Indigenous peoples philosophic traditions with scientific and ethical understandings of modern thought.
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Community Cultural Development: Challenges and Connections
Martin Comte
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Ernest Wood and the Foundation of The Musical Tradition at St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne
Ian Burk
The religious, musical and cultural motives and reasons for establishing and preserving a choir and exclusive choir school at St Pauls Cathedral in pre-Federation Melbourne
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Indigenous Health: Power, Politics and Citizenship
Dominic O'Sullivan
In Indigenous Health Dominic OSullivan considers the claims that Indigenous people can reasonably make on the public health system and what these claims mean for Australian conceptions of citizenship, democracy, and human rights.
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Inspiring Australians: The First Fifty Years of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust
Penelope Hanley
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John Curtin: How He Won Over the Media
Caryn Coatney
The life of John Curtin is one of Australia's most remarkable stories. He overcame childhood hardships to become the prime minister in turbulent times
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Many Hopes, One Dream – The Story of the Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria
Bronwyn Hinz
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Shopping News: Agenda Finding, What the Audience Does Before the News
John Cokley
A series of practical models to illustrate how journalists and publishers can please more readers without compromising ethics or quality
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Snarls from the Tea Tree: Big Cat Folklore
David Waldron, Simon Townsend
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St Paul's Cathedral
James Grant
St Paul's Cathedral, originally designed to make a statement on the place of religion in the Colony of Victoria, now stands, with the creation of Federation Square, at the very centre of Melbourne.
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Telling Stories: Aboriginal Australian and Torres Strait Islander Performance
Maryrose Casey
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The Artist Curates
Ruth Johnstone
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The Burning Mirror — Photography in an ambivalent light
Melissa Miles
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The Killing at Risdon Cove
W.F. Refshauge
As one of the foundation events in Tasmanian history, what happened at Risdon Cove on 3 May 1804 has always had a place in narrative histories. A large party of Aborigines were fired upon by English colonists, the number killed estimated variously from three to fifty.
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The Magic Lantern in Colonial Australia and New Zealand
Elizabeth Hartrick
This book brings to life the story of the magic lantern in colonial Australia and New Zealand. It describes the extraordinarily wide use of magic lantern images and technology across the colonies
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Wuka nya-nganunga li-Yanyuwa li-Anthawirriyarra. Language for Us, The Yanyuwa Saltwater People. A Yanyuwa Encyclopaedia: Volume 1
John Bradley
This Encyclopaedia is a rich, authoritative repository of the cultural and linguistic knowledge of the Yanyuwa, the Saltwater people of the coastal and island country near Borroloola in the Northern Territory of Australia.
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