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Alias Blind Larry: The Mostly True Memoir of James Laurence The Singing Convict
Rob Wills
Alias Blind Larry is a convict story, an adventure story, a colonial story, a Jewish story, a theatrical story. A fascinating piece of history, untold until now. Through the narrative of Laurences life, it re-creates a whole period of history.
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Bushranging and the Policing of Rural Banditry in New South Wales, 1860–1880
Susan West
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Justice of the Deep North: A Historical Perspective on Crime and Punishment in Queensland
Carole McCartney, Robyn Lincoln, Paul Wilson
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Persistent Young Offenders
Patrice Cooke
This book will revolutionalise how we think about the diagnosis and treatment of offenders. Rather than categorising offenders according to their offenses, the primary focus needs to be shifted to identifying the underlying psychological processes out of which the offending behaviour flows.
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The Chinawoman
Ken Oldis
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The Only Case
Ian Callinan
The highly anticipated new murder mystery novel from former Justice of the High Court of Australia, Ian Callinan
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