Imprint: Australian Scholarly Publishing

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925801170
Released: May 2018

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Lietuvybe Down Under: Maintaining Lithuanian national and cultural identity in Australia

By Grazina Pranauskas

Lietuvybe Down Under is a book about the experiences of Lithuanian migrants to Australia, and specifically about the desire of migrants to ‘feel’ and ‘be’ Lithuanian while living away from their homeland. Lietuvybe embraces the desire to be ‘visible’ both within and outside the Lithuanian community through language and their traditions of song, dance, music and the arts.

‘This book should be read far and wide in Australia; it provides an opportunity to understand the hopes and expectations of migrants, as well as the pain, fear, racism, challenges, loss, nostalgia and confusion about “where is my true home?” that migrants experience.’

Catherine Malcolm, Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne


Categories: Australian History, Multicultural Issues, Non-fiction, World History

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