Imprint: Australian Scholarly Publishing

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925588590
Released: October 2017

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Self-Sufficiency for a Sustainable Australian Future

By Amanda McLeod


Self-Sufficiency for a Sustainable Australian Future examines the notion that reliance on economic materialism for growth and consumer wellbeing is not only a flawed concept but also directly leads to environmental catastrophe and climate change. Self-sufficiency—do-it-yourself homemaking—offers real solutions to these problems.

By growing, cooking and preserving, building, raising animals, producing energy, and making and doing, we can actively practice an authentic lifestyle: a lifestyle based on creativity, self-help, independence, self-expression, and freedom—elements that are, and perhaps always will be, lacking or impossible in the mainstream.

Amidst the complexity that is modern life, this book offers a message of hope. No matter your material circumstances, your geographical location or your age, everyone can be a little bit self-sufficient. The more self-sufficient you are the better you will feel and freer you will be.

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Categories: Environmental Studies, Australian History, Non-fiction

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