Imprint: Arcadia

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925588408
Released: August 2017

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Primitive and Pop: Keith Haring’s Australia 1984

By Andrew Montana

Keith Haring is the art-world's most famous graffiti artist. He travels extensively and his work appears on everything from subways in New York to museums in Melbourne.  His images are clean, graphic and totemic. He says: ‘I am a friend of Andy Warhol!’ Believe it or not, he's at Moomba!!! (Keith, not Andy ...)

At the height of his fame, New York City artist and activist Keith Haring landed in Australia in 1984. Melding new scholarship on the visual arts of the early 1980s, this book vividly weaves Haring’s animated art with the audacious work of Australian artists into a forceful, urban cultural history.   


Categories: Non-fiction, Art, Australian Fiction, World History

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