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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925588392
Released: September 2017

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Lost Copy: The Endless Wars: Iraq and Afghanistan

By John Martinkus

“We, his friends, never knew if it was suicide or not but the reality was Tor [Norwegian journalist Torgeir Norling], who had shared so many dangers, hardships and fear, with us was gone. Tor was a journalist’s journalist. I had covered East Timor with him in the late nineties. Like me he had gone on to cover Iraq, Afghanistan, Aceh, Sri Lanka and Burma. The conflicts that dominated our generation of journalists. There were not many of us doing that over and over again ...”

The working title of this memoir by celebrated Australian war correspondent John Martinkus was Endless Jihad; the future of these recent wars stretches far beyond sight. We know they will bear hard on us and on generations to come, but attention wanders and fresh copy from the battlefront is too often “lost” ...

John Martinkus is the author of A Dirty Little War: East Timor’s Descent into Hell, 1997–2000; Indonesia’s Secret War in Aceh; Travels in American Iraq. From 2004 to 2008 he worked for SBS’s Dateline.


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