Imprint: Mutata Press

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925588378
Released: September 2017

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Smart Therapy Assertion

By Sallee McLaren

Assertion is one of our most important life skills, but very few people understand how to ‘find their own voice’ and then use it to get highly effective outcomes. Often people are so scared of conflict they will go to enormous lengths to avoid it, despite the fact that everyday many of us must both encounter and deal with conflict. Without assertion skills, people are placed at a severe social disadvantage, affecting their ability to progress beyond certain points in their career, relationships and own intellectual development.

This Smart Therapy (ST) Assertion booklet, written by a highly experienced clinical psychologist, gives us a ‘new take’ on assertion and provides a clear, readable and easily applied method to help fill this crucial gap. 


Categories: Self-help, Psychology, Non-fiction

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