Imprint: Australian Scholarly Publishing

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925333473
Released: February 2017

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Persistent Young Offenders

By Patrice Cooke

This book will revolutionalise how we think about the diagnosis and treatment of offenders. Rather than categorising offenders according to their offenses, the primary focus needs to be shifted to identifying the underlying psychological processes out of which the offending behaviour flows. Convincing empirical evidence is provided that these underlying processes change pro-socially when specific, effective intervention occurs, and the offender’s behaviour changes accordingly. The findings are not however restricted to offenders. They are applicable also to others with various psychological disorders in the wider community. This is an essential book for professionals such as psychologists, lawyers, social workers, therapists, police and students.


“Patrice Cooke’s findings are important and they are not obvious, at least in advance of having performed the research”

– Professor Nancy Hirschberg, Illinois, USA


Categories: Social Sciences, Non-fiction, Crime and Criminals, Psychology

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