Imprint: Arcadia

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925333619
Released: February 2017

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Ruffian in Waiting

By James Murray

Born in 1961 as the cult of modern celebrity began, Diana Spencer died in Paris in 1997, a cult supernova, trailing the legend Princess of Hearts rather than the title HRH Princess of Wales. But like all legends hers has might-have-beens.

This compelling fictional account, combining thriller elements with the novel of ideas, examines such a might-have-been. It takes its force from its inspiration: a singular, hazardous event in 1993 when HRH Charles, Prince of Wales and his princess wife were separated; it is an event largely ignored in official inquiries into her untimely death, perhaps because it was outside their time-frame and terms of reference.

Moreover, it raises the question whether, had the fictional account been published in 1994 when submitted, might it have saved her life?

Adding weight to the question is the fact that after the singular event Diana reportedly came to believe she was the target for an assassination plot.


Or intuition?


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