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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925333718
Released: July 2016

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The Children of the Port Phillip Aboriginal Protectorate

By Ian D Clark and Fred Cahir

During the life of the Port Phillip Aboriginal Protectorate from 1839 until late 1849 some 35 children of the Protectors were associated with the Protectorate. These children have been largely neglected by scholars and rendered historically invisible. Six of them have however left 28 distinct records of their experiences.

In this work we hear the voice of Protectorate children - the authors bring them out of the shadows of their fathers and allow them to appear as influential actors in their own right, with their own motivations, goals, ideas, and relationships with Aboriginal people. Detailed biographical entries, where possible, are included on every Protectorate child and on their spouses.

For the first time, the reminiscences of William Jackson Thomas and Albert Le Souëf are published in their entirety, and all of the writings of the Protectorate's children are brought together so that their contribution to our understanding of the Protectorate may be acknowledged and interpreted.

- Awarded a Commendation in the Local History Project category of the 2017 Victorian Community History Awards


Categories: Australian History, Social Sciences, Victorian History

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