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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925333312
Released: February 2016

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A Lemnos Odyssey: From Jason and The Argonauts to the ANZACs at Gallipoli. The Story of the Greek Island of Lemnos

By Roger Hawthorn and Tony Whitefield

From Jason and The Argonauts to the ANZACS at Gallipoli. The Story of the Greek island of Lemnos


Who, when in light the final dawn is breaking, still faithful, though the world's regard shall cease, will honour, splendid in triumphant waking, the souls of women, lonely here at peace.

- Nurse Vera Britain, May 11, 1917

Written after visiting the graves on Lemnos of the Canadian nurses Sister Munro and Matron Jaggard, who died in service on Lemnos caring for the sick and wounded from Gallipoli.


The King of the ancient Gods, Zeus, instructed Hephaestus, the Patron God of Lemnos, to fashion a woman from clay. This first woman was named Pandora, and when on opening her jewellery box she unleashed 10,000 woes on men, only hope was left behind.

- From Hesiod


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