Imprint: Australian Scholarly Publishing

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925333237
Released: October 2015

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Inspiring Australians: The First Fifty Years of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust

By Penelope Hanley

A good story deepens the heart.

For fifty years the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust has been enabling Australians from all walks of life to travel and study overseas and to enrich their communities by what they have learned. Inspiring Australians tells the story of the Churchill Trust and the travels and achievements of selected Churchill Fellows, creative people in fields from architecture to zoo-keeping, education to prison reform, burns’ nursing to piano performance, and many more diverse areas. Interviews with Churchill Fellows from the last five decades give insights into the lives of men and women who have followed their passions, and changed their own lives and the lives of others for the better. These stories of enthusiastic and dedicated people demonstrate some of the benefits brought toAustralian society by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.


Categories: Australian History, Australian Studies, Cultural Studies, Featured Titles, Non-fiction

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