Imprint: Tantanoola

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925333138
Released: September 2015

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Living Like a Kelly

By Dorothy Simmons

Greta, Victoria, 1911.

A thunder-storm forces journalist Brian Cookson to seek shelter at a roadside cottage; he is taken in by three little girls and the old woman they call Gran. Cookson starts to explain that he has to write a story about Dan Kelly and Steve Hart of the Kelly Gang being alive and well in South Africa. The old woman spins round and glares.

    "Lies, lies, lies!"

Cookson is dumbfounded.

    "But how can you know?"

    "I am his mother."

Will she ever trust a newspaper man with the truth about living like a Kelly?


Categories: Australian Fiction, Australian History, Fiction, Fiction Historical, Featured Titles

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