Imprint: Australian Scholarly Publishing

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925003673
Released: August 2016

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Wuka nya-nganunga li-Yanyuwa li-Anthawirriyarra. Language for Us, The Yanyuwa Saltwater People. A Yanyuwa Encyclopaedia: Volume 1

By John Bradley

A Yanyuwa Encyclopaedic Dictionary, by John Bradley and Yanyuwa Families, is a substantial two-volume work that will serve as a rich, authoritative repository of cultural and linguistic knowledge for, and about, the Yanyuwa – Saltwater people from coastal and island country near Borroloola, Northern Territory. While the two companion volumes together will ultimately form a comprehensive reference set, for use by Yanyuwa people and their children as well as by ethnographic and linguistic scholars, they will also be available separately, to facilitate wide dissemination of their content among special interest researchers. 

Volume 1 (over 120,000 words) will be of considerable interest to a broad range of ethnographic and cultural studies researchers, as well as to linguists. Following a poignant framing Preface and Introduction, chapters consider the country of Yanyuwa language (with b/w illustration); the various historical and contemporary recorders and recordings of the language; examples of 35 significant Yanyuwa texts recorded between 1959 and 2013, many of them extensive and all with both word-by-word and more polished English translations; over 100 Yanyuwa song poetry texts – many short but others involving extended song cycles – and their English translations; 26 pivotal Yanyuwa Ancestral Dreaming stories and their English translations. Appendices cover: Yanyuwa words games; Yanyuwa string games (with b/w illustration); Yanyuwa sign language (with b/w illustration). Includes bibliography and index.

It is expected that Volume 2 will be available in late 2016. 


Categories: Aboriginal Studies, Australian Studies, Cultural Studies

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