Imprint: Australian Scholarly Publishing

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925003628
Released: July 2014

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Essays 2014: Politics

By Kate Gleeson, Murray Goot, Aleksandra Hadzelek, Rafael Rodriguez Prieto and Greg Melluish

The first volume of a new series of works by Australian scholars.


The ‘Political Plaything of Men’: Tony Abbott and the Enduring Significance of Abortion to the Christian Right
- Kate Gleeson

The Rise of the Robo: Media Polls in a Digital Age
- Murray Goot

Movinets and the Future of Social Movements: How 15M and Occupy Revolutionised Political Protest
- Aleksandra Hadzelek & Rafael Rodríguez Prieto

Australian federalism’s chronic condition
- Greg Melleuish

From Australian Multiculturalism to Cosmopolitanism in Asia: Can Australia educate itself into the Asian century?
- Allan Patience

Securitising Our Shores: The language of asylum in Labor’s Australia
- Raef McDonough & Helen Pringle

The Australian Leviathan: Sovereignty, Sedition and Dissent
- John William Tate


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