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ISBN: 9781925003451
Released: November 2013

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New Ideas for Old Concerns

By Derek Prinsley

Derek Prinsley graduated in Medicine in 1942. A chance contact he had with a pioneer in geriatric medicine started his own pioneering path in England, Australia and America, where he has developed clear examples of the components of a geriatric medical service.

At the University of Melbourne he was appointed to the first Chair of Geriatric Medicine, and he has also been a consultant to the World Health Organisation.

In America he was the Mitchell Distinguished Professor of Geriatric Medicine at the University of Texas Medical Branch, where he organised acute medical care of older people.

In retirement he suddenly became a full-time 'carer' of disability in the family. Growing, effective support services are now available in the community and in homes. The spread of these good ideas is making the better care of older people in their own surroundings possible.


Categories: Health, Biography

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