Imprint: Australian Scholarly Publishing

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925003031
Released: September 2013

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Scenes of Reading: Is Australian Literature a World Literature?

Edited by Robert Dixon and Brigid Rooney

Australian literature is negotiating the relationship between its legacy as a national literature and its growing international reach. Scenes of Reading explores some of the key questions and issues arising from this moment of apparent transformation. How is Australian literature connected to other literatures? What potential might transnational reading practices have to renew the practice of Australian literary criticism? And as such criticism challenges the provincialising of knowledge, to what extent might perspectives routed through the literary province in turn challenge 'world' literature?

Robert Dixon and Brigid Rooney teach Australian literature at the University of Sydney.

Contributors: Wai Chee Dimock, Paul Sharrad, Bill Ashcroft, Patrick Buckridge, Eleanor Morecroft, Svend Erik Larsen, Nicholas Birns, David Carter, Brigid Rooney, Bernadette Brennan, Brigitta Olubas, Georgina Loveridge, Aaron Nyerges, Linda Ng, Stephen Mansfield, Gillian Whitlock, Nicholas Jose


Categories: Australian Literature, Literary Criticism

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