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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781921875861
Released: December 2012

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Cheon of the Never Never

By Kevin Wong Hoy

“Cheon’s name was then formally entered in the station books as cook and gardener, at twenty-five shillings a week. …

There was nothing he could not and did not do for our good; and it was well that he refused to be instructed in anybody’s ways, for his own were delightfully disobedient and unexpected and entertaining.”

— Jeannie Gunn, We of the Never Never

For readers world-wide Mrs Aeneas Gunn brought the Outback to life with her account of a year spent on a remote cattle station in Northern Australia. And of all the characters in her book she especially relished “Cheon  whose presence and vivid language are one of the great attractions of We of the Never Never” Geoffrey Dutton. As a literary figure, Cheon is fondly remembered, but his personal story has been a mystery—one that Kevin Wong Hoy reveals quite remarkable.


Categories: Australian History, Australian Social Conditions, Australian Literature

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