Imprint: Australian Scholarly Publishing

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781921509865
Released: August 2010

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The Bloody History of the Croissant

By David Halliday


/krwusson/ • noun a crescent-shaped French roll made of sweet flaky pastry. 

— ORIGIN French, ‘crescent’.


Filled with almonds or served with butter and jam, the indulgence and finesse of the croissant seems inextricably linked with France and its refined luxuries. 

But the history of the croissant is a tale of battle, blood and death. Its intertwining saga begins over five thousand years ago in ancient Sumeria before sweeping off to Mesopotamia, Babylon, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Byzantium and Vienna. 

Follow its fascinating journey through battles, siege and heroism to its modern, well loved incarnation. This is a history you will not easily forget and it is sure to make you look at the flaky crescent-shaped pastry in a completely new light.