Imprint: Australian Scholarly Publishing

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781921509797
Released: July 2010
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Southern Worlds - South Africa and Australia Compared

Co-edited by John Nieuwenhuysen and David Dunstan

This collection of essays by distinguished South African and Australian authors explores the links and shared past of the two countries. These are many and varied. South Africa and Australia were once part of the super continent Gondwanaland, more than five hundred million years ago. The First Fleet that founded Australia loaded supplies at Cape Town on its way to New South Wales. Australian troops fought in the South African ‘Boer’ War and the nations were allies in two world wars. There have been sporting rivalries, trade co-operation and competition, tensions over the apartheid regime and the recent migration of South Africans to Australia. Low social status and economic disadvantage accorded to ethnic or racial groups have been a feature of both societies. As well as discussing many key comparative contemporary issues this book’s crucial contribution is to combine coverage of a shared past with contemporary issues and challenges, especially those of reconciliation and the quest for social justice. 


The Nineteenth Century Imperial Past   

Australian Labor and South Africa’s Making 

Race, Gender and Ethnicity in Australia 

African and Afrikaner Nationalism 

South African Migration to Australia   

Australians and South Africans in London 

Australia’s History Wars 

Labour Costs and Economic Development in Australia and South Africa   

Australian Reconciliation 

South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission  

Cricketing rivalries