Imprint: Australian Scholarly Publishing

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781921509896
Released: April 2011

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Percy Lindsay: Artist & Bohemian

By Silas Clifford-Smith

A lovable lush who would rather party than paint – that’s the enduring image of Percy Lindsay. His brother Lionel reinforced the notion when he said that Percy was “immoderately fond of company, any company”. And while it’s true Percy was the life of every gathering, from grand balls to afternoons at the local pub, it sells him short.  The first born in one of Australia’s foremost artistic families, Percy has long been dismissed as the lazy one among talented siblings including Norman and Lionel, with little lasting recognition of his sensitive landscapes and phenomenal career as a “black and white” artist.  In this first book on the life of Percy Lindsay, Silas Clifford-Smith sheds new light on an artist who was admired by his contemporaries – artists and critics alike – as well as being loved by all who met him for his warmth, humour and sense of mischief.

Percy Lindsay also has a pleasing review by Christopher Menz in the June 2011 Art issue of Australian Book Review.


Categories: Australian History, Art

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