Imprint: Australian Scholarly Publishing

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1740970195
Released: January 2005
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Melbourne Miles: The Story of Melbourne’s Roads

By Max Lay

Every Melburnian is an expert on the city’s roads—or at least they will be when they read this book.

Melbourne Miles tells a story that has not previously been told. A comprehensive history of the roads and the streets of metropolitan Melbourne, it is detailed, accurate and unique.

Roads provide on of civilisation’s silver threads that allow observers to trace society through time. This book reveals how Melbourne, one of the world’s great cities, grew and developed.


Dr Max Lay, a Melburnian, is an international authority on roads. His very many publications include the Source Book for Australian Roads, Handbook of Road Technology, History of Australian Roads, Ways of the World, and Encyclopedia Britannica entry on roads.

Dr Lay is also the past-president of both the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria and the Australian Automobile Association.


Categories: Australian History, Victorian History

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