Imprint: Arcadia

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1740970136
Released: January 2005

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Brightly Fades The Don

By J. H. Fingleton

From his long journalistic experience, the author has been able to give us, in a brightly written and attractive style, all the high spots of the Australian-English tour, together with innumerable sidelights on the game both from the participants’ and the spectators’ angles.

What Neville Cardus, doyen of English cricket writers, said of J. H. Fingleton’s first book, ‘that it possesses unusual interest—that it is really the work of the great cricketer whose name appears as that of its author,’ is equally true of this, the second. In the words of Sir Norman Birkett, who writes the Foreword:

‘Here then for all lovers of cricket anywhere, for all hero-worshippers, for all who play and for all who watch, is a book of absorbing interest and fascination. It will recall happy days in the sun and the memorable departure of one of the greatest figures in cricket history.’

First published in Australia by William Collins Overseas Ltd, June 1949

This revised edition is published by Australian Scholarly Publishing under its Arcadia imprint, September 2002


Categories: Non-fiction, Sports and Games

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