Imprint: Australian Scholarly Publishing

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781921509810
Released: December 2010

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The Road to Lower Crackpot

By Brian Inder

The story of a “penniless, insecure, skinny kid’s” struggle to make a life for himself in early post-war Australia and beat the system that seemed determined to put him down. With great honesty, humour, and penetrating insight into the human condition, Brian Inder takes us in and out of the many byways on his long journey from the bottom of the heap to irrepressible Laird of the Manor, Chieftain of Clan Crackpot, Chief Magistrate and Sheriff of Lower Crackpot, in Tasmania’s real-life Village of Lower Crackpot. Today, surrounded in his own town filled with friends, family and memories, his dreams have come true, and he welcomes the tens of thousands of Gentle Folk who come to share in them.



Categories: Australian Social Conditions

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