Imprint: Australian Scholarly Publishing

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781921509667
Released: April 2010
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Gardens of the Goldfields: A central Victorian Sojourn

By Mandy Stroebel

Gardens of the Goldfields: A central Victorian sojourn tells the story of this remarkable region through its gardens. The gardens are thematically discussed according to the cultural history of their creation: the extensive gardens of the early pastoralists, the gardens of survival surrounding miners’ cottages, the villa and mansion gardens of wealthy entrepreneurs and mining magnates, and the botanical gardens and school gardens created by the aspirant citizens of the goldfields. Woven throughout the stories of the gardens are glimpses of the landscape in which they have been created and nuggets of horticultural wisdom relating to gar- dening in the climatic extremes, depleted soils and scarce water resources of the goldfields. The book captures the gardens and landscapes of the region in a period of drought and explores how today’s gardeners, both of established gardens and newly created gardens, are adapting. The engaging text is accompanied by archival snapshots, bold contemporary photographs and garden plans.


Categories: Australian History, Gardening

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